Why PhD Students Leaving IITs, IISc for MS or Direct PhD Abroad?

In recent years, a new trend among Indian students has been observed of leaving PhD at IITs, IISc and top Indian universities to study abroad. Indian students are leaving their Direct PhD from prestigious institutions like IIT Delhi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Jodhpur, IISc and so on.

Indian Students are quitting Direct PhD after graduation in India for MS and Direct PhD abroad or they leave for PhD Abroad after master’s degree in India. [ https://youtu.be/9nCKxMmILRc?si=181JS2kQu_beU6BA ] Even after two to four years of their investment in Direct PhD in India, students are leaving PhD in India and applying for MS and Direct PhD abroad in foreign countries.[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vwh_m-B6dsc&list=PL1e4EeFNjCbcMoygulk2WQVY3C-kJm9Jo ]


Can I Take Direct Admission in PhD? [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ilmKxDCqHsk ]

Can I go straight from Degree to PhD? Is it Possible to Apply for a PhD After BTech? Can I do PhD directly? If these questions are coming in your mind and you are seeking their answers. The answer is – Yes you can, and it is possible! [ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLtWVVE-awYjF4BK1E_qXh-CFW2zAr8EN ]

You can explore the possibility of going straight from a bachelor’s degree to a PhD program, also called Direct PhD or Integrated PhD. Students from STEM and other courses target Direct PhD after BTech or MS and other courses. However, it’s not as common as pursuing a master’s degree (MS) before a PhD. Still, by completing the eligibility you can target Direct PhD Abroad Admissions.

Why are Students Leaving Direct PhD in India? [ https://youtu.be/nQWNqZ84NSo?si=WYCA5ACxdp0NiUyb ]

The shift from Direct PhD India to MS or Direct PhD abroad in preference raises concerns about the state of PhD programs in India and prompts a closer examination of the reasons behind this phenomenon [ https://youtu.be/6vWq6DN3vcc?si=jKKoW0_44A06pSE5 ].

The following are the following reasons why PhD Students in India leaving IITs, IISc for MS or Direct PhD abroad even after investing 3-4 years in India in Direct PhD:

  1. Lengthy Programs: Direct PhD programs in India, even at esteemed institutions like IIT Kanpur, can extend for 6-7 years. This prolonged timeline often disheartens students for Direct PhD in India.
  2. Insufficient Funding: Scholarships provided during Direct PhD programs are often meagre. After investing 5-7 years post-BTech, a stipend of Rs. 35,000 per month is insufficient for many students’ financial needs.
  3. Limited Research Facilities: Many students report a lack of adequate research facilities and resources within their PhD programs, hindering their academic pursuits and overall experience.
  4. Strained Professor Relationships: Limited access to professors for guidance and support leads to stress and feelings of being overwhelmed among students. This strained relationship impacts their academic journey negatively.
  5. Unrelated Workload: Being assigned tasks unrelated to their PhD research, such as lab development or assisting on unrelated projects, can hinder a student’s progress and decrease motivation.
  6. What after PhD in India?[ https://youtu.be/rnFULjUAZR8?si=7vZZfWG_KbNVev2A ] This is a major factor in which students are not able to get what they can do after PhD at IITs? Those students who have done PhD are jobless. Students getting jobs through their competitive exam or MTech in India. Even for professors at IITs or NITs, students are selected by those who complete their PhD programs from foreign universities. Then what is the use of Direct PhD after BTech? This question is coming to every PhD student’s mind in India.

Is doing Direct PhD worth it? [ https://youtu.be/vuZ2Pf5gc2Y?si=VXrMKwTsPcqr3bv2 ]


Direct PhD Salary? [ https://youtu.be/5NeakjnkOhs?si=6B7lGXNsDXp2sPtS ]

Students getting Direct PhD abroad can easily get the scholarship or Stipend of 2700 $ [ https://youtu.be/lYyEMYMVUzY?si=SYzgYsNyoLkX8DBa ] and more with application for scholarships in right direction. You can also count it as Direct PhD Salary in which either professor or university will monthly provide you stipend.


Eligibility for Direct PhD? [ https://yourpediaglobal.com/courses/directphd#:~:text=A%20Direct%20PhD%20program%20is,tracks%20you%20into%20doctoral%20studies. ]


Direct PhD India or Abroad: What to choose? [ https://youtu.be/K_fxGdhqiNo?si=Tj01cHeYDnb2Z21E ]

The choice between pursuing Direct PhD in India and opting for Direct PhD abroad is a significant decision for students. Ultimately, each student must weigh their priorities and aspirations to make an informed choice that aligns with their academic and career goals.

Before making a decision, it’s essential for students to consider expert opinions and insights, such as those provided by Dr. Vijayender Sir – Worrisome trend: PhD are leaving IITs for MS or Direct abroad [ https://youtu.be/s99hcRqRzXQ?si=uyQHm2oG1AZDUQGd ], to gain a comprehensive understanding of the implications of their choices.


Direct PhD Admission 2024 [ https://yourpediaglobal.com/courses/directphd ]

Application deadlines for Direct PhD programs in India typically fall between October and December of the preceding year. Students can start preparing for Direct PhD anytime of the year by taking the help of Expert Mentors, working on Academic Profile, Research work and clearing the essential exams.

Getting selection in Direct PhD Abroad after graduation degree in India is a challenging process. In this, YourPedia Global is providing consultancy for Direct PhD Admission, application, document preparation like crafting compelling SOPs, technical essays, motivation letters, diversity essays, cover letters, CVs/Resumes, and research proposals and Exam preparation of GRE, TOEFL, IELTS. With the right guidance of YourPedia Global Mentors you can also book your Direct PhD Selection Abroad. If you are in any year of your graduation or have done your graduation you can start your preparation for Direct PhD Abroad.


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