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Thousands of overseas students’ study in the United Kingdom each year, maintaining the country's high popularity. With a diversified demographic and a reputation for outstanding education, the United Kingdom is an obvious choice for international students. And what better place to study English than the country that originated the language for students from all over the world?
The quality of education in the United Kingdom is excellent. Every year UK universities are ranked higher in the QS rankings which highlights their constant efforts and aim to assist students with the best experience and most upgraded knowledge.
Some of the top QS ranked universities in the UK are:
1.Oxford University, England
2.Cambridge University, England
3.Imperial College London, England
4.University of Manchester, England
5.University of Glasgow, Scotland
6.University of Strathclyde, Scotland
7.University of South Wales, Wales Ireland

Master’s program in the United Kingdom
There are two kinds of master’s program available in the United Kingdom: Masters by Research and master’s by taught. The masters by research also called as MScR/MPhil with duration of 1 to 2 years whereas, Masters by taught lasts for 1 year.

PhD program in the United Kingdom
PhD duration in UK lasts for 3,4 years but can take up to 6,7 years depending on your research. A PhD degree often requires students conducting original and significant study in a certain topic or subject on their own before writing a thesis that is publishable. While some Doctorates contain coursework, PhD candidates are virtually always evaluated on the quality and originality of the argument given in their independent research project. There are two intakes for the PhD admissions: Fall and Spring. However, sometimes universities advertise the PhD position based on the project requirements and, thus, you must keep an eye for it. If you are applying for a project-based PhD position, the requirement of Research Proposals becomes necessary for the admissions.
YourPedia Global assist students with their application for master’s and PhD. We have a team of dedicated mentors with significant experiences. These mentors personally review each and every element of your application and provides excellent insights and modifications.
Study in UK

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