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YourPedia Global was founded by students from IIT and NIT with the sole aim to revolutionize the education consultancy in India.

YourPedia Global, headquartered in Chandigarh, is a sister organization of YourPedia that provides extensive services for students who dream to join PhD and master’s courses in prestigious universities throughout the world. Within a short span of time, YourPedia global has developed its base in Indian universities and has assisted numerous students to get successful PhD and master’s positions abroad. Within these times, Yourpedia Global has grown to a team of 10 members who are currently working or studying across the world. With a wide global alumni network, Yourpedia Global aims to further assist ambitious students to get their dream university.

Founded in 2017, YourPedia is today the largest online platform for higher studies in India. It helps engineering students in exploring various career opportunities in India as well as abroad. In a short span, YourPedia has come a long way in providing various opportunities to technocrats in the field of higher education and jobs. Thousands of students made their careers by taking guidance from Yourpedia mentors who strive to connect the great minds in India with the best universities in the world.
Yourpedia Group for Students: It is the perfect place to start your research and understand the process of higher studies and the associated hidden career opportunities. Yourpedia has a highly qualified team of mentors who earned their doctoral degrees from the premier institutes like IITs and the top 100 colleges in the world. They are role models and a constant source of motivation for all aspiring young students.


Quality content – Realistic testing
High Real exam correlation
Exhaustive tests
High-quality videos
Confidence boosting module
Online testing based upon the actual exam requirements
Detailed solutions to all the questions provided.
Videos backing for online testing.
Videos covering specific contents or topics.
Best teachers for specific contents.

Based upon students requirement.
Realistic contents prepared by best teachers in India.
Based upon actual exam requirement.
User interface is exactly replica of real interface.
Gradual confidence building in students.
High quality content, test, videos.
Detailed solution for questions.
Technical snag free testing experience.
Virtual mentoring & teaching.
Learning contents prepared by best faculties & mentors of their respective domains.

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Yourpedia Global was started by IITians and NITians in 2020 to provide a unique guidance platform

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YourPedia provides best online coaching to the students for various exams such as GATE, PSU, GRE, ESE, IELTS, TOEFL, ISRO, BARC, HPCL etc.


Connecting means professional networking among Engineers


It is the era of lots of testing & practice for attaining the perfection


Online education is parallel learning platform now a days.


YourPedia mentors consistently guide the students.

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