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Shortlisting the potential supervisor for PhD studies is a very crucial step. It is not required for the masters’ studies unless you are doing research under the supervision of a professor. As an international student, it is sometimes very difficult to find a relevant professor. Once can keep the following points in his/her mind before shortlisting the professors for the PhD and Post doc studies:

  • You need to find 6-8 potential supervisors in different universities under whom you can start your PhD or Post doc
  • To shortlist 6-8 good supervisors, one needs to send hundreds of emails to a different professor
  • One needs to check the research funding available to the professor
  • One needs to interact with the already enrolled senior research members of the group about any issues they are facing before starting your PhD
  • One can do not commit two different professors in the same institution to start his/her studies
  • According to the replies from the professor, one can get an idea about his/her selection chances
  • If the relevant professor does not have available funding to support your studies, one can omit the application submission in that university
How Yourpedia will help you?​​​​​​​

Yourpedia’s highly qualified mentors from top institutes help students to shortlist the professors in different universities. We are happy to guide students according to their profile and educational background. We will help you to answer all your queries such as:

  • How should I shortlist the professor according to my profile?
  • How should I write an email to the professor?
  • What documents should I attach to an email?
  • How to maintain a conversation with the professor till the time I get an admission letter?
  • How to make a research proposal if the professor asked for the one?
  • How to answer the professor’s questions during an interview?


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