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Submitting Official Exam Scores

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Official exam scores are a vital component of your application package when pursuing higher education abroad. They provide universities with objective insights into your academic capabilities. Here's what you need to know about submitting official scores for GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS:

GRE Official Score Submission:

  • Score Validity: GRE scores are reportable for up to five years from your test date.
  • Test Day Sending: On test day, you can choose up to four institutions to receive your scores as part of your test fee.
  • Post-Test Sending: If you wish to send your GRE General Test scores to additional institutions or send scores after the test day, you may do so by paying an additional fee to ETS for each official score.
  • Submission Methods: You can send official GRE scores online, by mail, or by fax by paying a fee of US$27 per score.

TOEFL Official Score Submission:

  • Score Notification: Official TOEFL scores will be received via email when they become available.
  • Score Validity: TOEFL scores are valid for a period of two years from the test date.
  • Free Score Reports:The test fee includes up to four free official TOEFL score reports, which can be sent to different institutions of your choice before you take the test.
  • Additional Score Reports: If you need to send scores to more institutions, you can do so for a fee of US$20 per institution through your ETS account, via fax, or by mail.

IELTS Official Score Submission:

  • Score Notification: Official IELTS scores, also known as Test Report Forms (TRFs), will be received either by email or on your candidate's login portal. The timing varies, with paper test scores taking 13 days and computer test scores taking 3 to 5 days.
  • Score Validity: IELTS scores are valid for a period of two years.
  • Free Score Reports:IELTS test fees include up to five free official score reports, which can be sent to different institutions after you've taken the test.
  • Additional Score Reports:If you need to send scores to more universities, you can do so for a fee. The cost is INR 250 per university when sending scores via email and INR 1500 for sending scores via other methods.

Navigating the Score Submission Process:

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