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Result makes The Strongest Statement.

“Attending th CV Session was a turning Point for me. I learned how to present my Academic Journey in a way that resonated with Potential Supervisors and Selection Committees. it made a significant impact on my Acceptance into a highly competative Phd Program.”

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North Carolina State University, USA

“Mastering the art of crafting a CV was a game- Changer for me. Despite not having many Publications, I learned how to showcase my research potential effectively. It opend doors to numerous opportunities i wouldn’t have othervise had.”

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University of Wisconsin Madison, USA

“Yourpedia Global Mentor was instrumental in my success in writing a compelling Motivation Letter for Aalborg University. Their assistance in articulating my aspirations and aligning them with the university’s offerings was invaluable. I am deeply grateful for their pivotal role in my journey.”

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Aalborg University, Denmark

“Yourpedia Global Mentor was my beacon in the world of academia when applying to Penn State University. Their guidance in creating my Academic Statement brought out not just my achievements but also my fervor for the subject. Their expertise set my application apart and was instrumental in my success.”

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Penn State University, USA

“As an international student, understanding the differences between European & non- European CVs was a game-changer for me. I learned to adapt my CV to each context, which significantly increased my chances of being noticed & considered by universities across the globe. ”

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Rice University, Texas, USA

“Yourpedia Global Mentor was my voice when composing my Motivation Letter for the University of Louisville. Their guidance in aligning my values with the university’s mission made my application truly resonate. Their support was instrumental in shaping my success.”

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University of Louisville

“Applying for a PhD in Germany was a challenge, but Yourpedia Global Mentor transformed it into an opportunity. Their guidance in my Personal Statement helped me share not just experiences but also my values effectively. Thanks to them, my application to KIT was a testament to my unique journey.”

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KIT, Germany

“Yourpedia Global Mentor was my partner in academia when applying to the University of Southern California. They helped me highlight my research interests vividly and connect them with the program. Their suggestions on engaging with faculty members opened doors I never thought possible. Their support was truly invaluable.”

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Athri Kumar

University of Southern California, USA

“Yourpedia Global Mentor was my compass on the path to Washington State University. Their guidance in creating a Statement of Purpose was transformative. They helped me articulate my dedication and leadership effectively. Their mentorship ensured my application left a lasting impression.”

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Washington State University

“Yourpedia Global Mentor was the driving force behind my acceptance to Dublin University. Their expertise in crafting a Motivation Letter helped me stand out. They assisted me in demonstrating not only how I could contribute but also how my aspirations aligned seamlessly with the opportunity. I owe a great deal of my success to them.”

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University College Dublin, Ireland

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YourPedia Global provides the best Online consultancy for Foreign Admission in courses like MS, MEng, PG Diploma, PhD, Post-doc and also helps in writing SOP, Technical essay, Motivation letter, Diversity essay, Cover letter, CV/Resume, Research Proposal, University shortlisting, Professor shortlisting, emails to professors, scholarship and Interview Preparation.