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MEng students almost always aspire to become professional engineers or work in related fields after completing their studies.  As a result, official agencies in charge of monitoring these professions frequently accredit MEng degrees. Professional master’s degrees in engineering include the MEng (Master of Engineering) and the postgraduate MSc (Eng). They come in a variety of forms in different nations, but they are normally required to work as a chartered engineer.

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These programs are known by various names in different countries and formats. In Canada, Australia, Germany, and US, Professional Master’s programs are known as Master of Engineering (Meng) while in the UK, Professional Master’s degree is called “Master by taught”. Generally, these programs can be completed in 3 to 4 semesters depending upon the amount of coursework per semester. Unlike a master’s by research, Meng does not have a research thesis component as a graduation requirement. Depending on the universities and countries, the degree requirement is 8 to 11 courses and a project. Meng programs are most popular in Canada, USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. These programs are highly customizable which means you can choose your coursework according to your interest.
Meng programs are available for a broad range of engineering specializations such as:

Meng programs are available for a broad range of engineering specializations such as:

⦿ Automotive Engineering
⦿ Biomedical Engineering
⦿ Civil Engineering
⦿ Chemical Engineering
⦿ Environmental Engineering
⦿ Mechanical Engineering
⦿ Systems Engineering

With a Master's in Engineering, you can work in the private sector for some of the world's most prestigious Fortune 500 organizations in a variety of engineering roles. Chemical and electrical engineering, as well as mechanical and civil engineering, are all sectors in which you can work. You can work your way through the ranks or become a lead engineer in these industries.

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