Study in Canada

For students, Canada is one of the top study destinations. In Canada, there are now 388,782 international students enrolled in post-secondary education. It is estimated that 60.5 percent (235,419) are enrolled in universities, while 39.4 percent (153,360) of the 388,782 international students in Canada are enrolled in colleges. The number of overseas students has increased by 69.8% in the last five years, rising from 228,924 to 388,782. With 180,275 international students, India is the country with the most international students in Canada, which explains its global prominence.
In Canada, there are lots of universities that offer top education with significant experiences which help students to thrive in a competitive job market. Canada is home to a lot of higher-ranked universities such as the University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McGill University and McMaster University. Canada offers students to complete their programs and apply for a post-graduate work permit (PGWP), fill the permanent residency, and live in Canada. For a program of 1 year, you will get a PGWP for 1-year and, for a 2-year master, diplomas, and PhD, you will be provided a PGWP for 3 years.

Master’s program in Canada
There are two types of master’s degree in Canada: Masters (MASc/Msc) by Thesis work, Masters (MEng) by Coursework. To apply for these programs, the intakes are Fall, Winter and May.

PhD program in Canada
PhD programs in Canada is fully funded and competitive. For admissions, there are three different intakes: Fall, Winter, and Summer. You must approach professor who is working in your field of research. Generally, there is one interview with the professor. The requirement of Research Proposals varies through programs, departments, and Universities.
YourPedia Global assist students with their application for master’s and PhD. We have a team of dedicated mentors with significant experiences. These mentors personally review each and every element of your application and provides excellent insights and modifications.
Study in Canada

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