PhD Scholarships in Canada For Indian Students

Canada is an excellent option to consider for a PhD Degree. It is a well-known fact that Canada is among the most preferred study destinations in the world. PhD in Canada is a lot more affordable than in other countries like the US or the UK. To make it more affordable for international students who are excellent in their academics, the Canadian Government offers a lot of PhD scholarships.

Canada is well-known for institutions of higher education that boast of academic excellence and world-class research. Moreover, many provinces in Canada have been actively seeking to retain sources of skilled labour. With an average base salary that hovers around CAD 90,000 a year, a PhD degree from Canada can be a great career choice.

Studying in Canada can be quite an expensive affair, universities in Canada offer several types of financial aid. Students may also avail following Canadian scholarships to support their education in the country.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

The Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships (Vanier CGS) is a merit-based scholarship established to attract the most talented PhD students from around the world. This scholarship is awarded by the government of Canada to International students pursuing a doctoral degree in any of the Canadian educational institutes. The number of funds awarded every year is about CA $50,000. In total, the funds are provided for three years and are non-renewable.

The University of British Columbia Four-Year Doctoral Fellowship

UBC’s four-year doctoral fellowship is a fully-funded scholarship that is offered to both permanent residents of Canada as well as international applicants. The scholarship offers CAD 18,200 as a stipend apart from covering the full tuition fees. The award may be offered for up to four years.

The Ontario Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is for international students with valid study permits on the date of application for the scholarship. The students must be enrolled in public universities in Ontario to be eligible for this grant. It is awarded at the master’s and doctoral levels of study. The amount that can be availed is between CAD 10,000 to CAD 15,000.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This scholarship was introduced back in November 20210 and has since then been offered to doctoral students from all across the globe who come to study in the province of Ontario. The selecting committee is within the Ontario universities themselves which select international PhD students based on their academic merit. The Ontario Trillium Scholarship offers up to CAD 40,000 per year for four years to PhD scholars.

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation doctoral scholarships

The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation PhD scholarship is a leadership programme that is designed to train emerging leaders and to allow PhD students to enhance their skills so that they can be employed for the benefit of society. Applicants may avail up to CAD 40,000 per year for three years towards tuition fees and other expenses and around CAD 20,000 per year for three years to learn new languages, for accommodation and travelling purposes.

Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships

This fellowship is for doctoral international and Canadian students (PhD) who are contributing to Canada’s growth in economics, social sciences, natural sciences, and healthcare sectors through their research. Under this fellowship, about 70 students get provided with funds worth CA $70,000, which is taxable for two years.

University of Alberta Graduate Entrance Scholarship

The University of Alberta Graduate Entrance Scholarship is awarded to graduate applicants who enrol into master’s or PhD programmes at the university. The scholarship offers a stipend of up to CAD 21,000 for PhD students and an additional CAD 10,000 for international students to help them cover the cost of tuition.

University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (UMGF)

The UMGF is offered to full-time students of master’s and PhD programmes at the University of Manitoba. The scholarship is awarded to those students who showcase exceptional academic capabilities. The scholarship’s value is CAD 18,000 per year for up to 4 years.

University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship

The University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship is awarded to all graduate students who have registered for full-time Master’s or PhD programmes. It is open to all programmes and disciplines and the eligible students are selected automatically by the respective departments. The scholarship is valued at CAD 1,000 per term for three terms.

McGill University’s Dr. Robert G.H. Lee Fellowship

The Dr. Robert G.H. Lee Fellowship is offered at McGill University for those graduate students who apply to a master’s or a PhD programme. It is provided to those graduates who are applying to the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University. The scholarship offers up to CAD 10,000 to those who qualify and can be renewed up to 2 times at the PhD level.

Canadian Commonwealth Scholarship & Fellowship Plan

This scholarship is exclusively for international students from commonwealth countries who apply to master’s programs or PhD in Canadian universities. Students with high intellect are recognised and awarded financial aid. This award covers all travelling and living expenses along with the compulsory tuition fees of the awarded applicant. The amount of funds depends on the programme in which the awardee is enrolled.

Partnership Grants by Social Science & Humanities Research Council in Canada

Under these grants, only the PhD applicants are selected and awarded enough funds to complete their research at a Canadian university. The students could either be supporting existing research or could be entirely engaged in a new study. Up to CAD 20,000 are provided for up to 4 to 7 years, depending on case by case.

Criteria to Apply for PhD Scholarship in Canada

Academic Excellence: Postdoctoral students aiming for grants and scholarships should maintain top-tier grades throughout their bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

Extra-Academic Activities: Scholarships are usually granted to international students who showcase promising signs of overall development that are not just confined to their academics. Thus, students should have a stellar co-curricular track record as well on top of their academic excellence.

Proficiency in Foreign Language: International students who are prospective postdoctoral full-time students are always asked to show proof of their proficiency in the English language through their IELTS scorecard. Some regions are French-speaking in Canada, and having proof of proficiency in French can also give you an edge over other students.

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