PhD Scholarships for Indian Students in UK

PhD in the UK is a highly sought-after program for international students who want to join the fields of research and innovation. PhD courses are offered in top institutes of the UK such as the University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University of Cambridge, University College London, and London School of Economics. The scholarships in the UK for PhD students provide financial aid and support to deserving applicants. In this blog, we provide details about the different types of PhD scholarships in the UK.


There are fully funded PhD programs in the UK for the students. Most government organizations, private groups, as well as universities tend to offer scholarships to deserving students. The scholarships are merit-based and need-based as well.

Merit-Based Scholarships: Merit-based scholarships are awarded to students with stellar academic records. Students who have maintained excellent grades throughout their high school, bachelor’s degree, and master’s degree, will be considered for these scholarships.

Need-Based Scholarships: Need-based scholarships are awarded to students who have financial concerns and require the scholarship to finance their studies. So, individuals can find the right financial assistance in the UK to continue their studies.

To provide international PhD students with some respite from the overbearing program fees, the UK has a plethora of funding opportunities and scholarships. There are mainly three different types:

Government Scholarships for PhD in the UK

The UK government offers different scholarships for students who are pursuing a PhD in the country. These scholarships have different requirements, application processes, etc.

Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Countries

The Commonwealth Scholarships for PhD and Master’s studies in the UK are made available to students of poorer commonwealth nations. It is offered by the UK Department for International Development. These scholarships are awarded to students to contribute to the goals of overall development and promotion of higher education in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria for Commonwealth Scholarship

Goa Education Trust Scholarships

This merit-based scholarship is one of the best options for a fully funded PhD in the UK for Indian students. The Goa Education Trust Scholarships are awarded to deserving students who show excellent academic performance.

Eligibility Criteria for Goa Education Trust Scholarship

Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

It is one of the best PhD scholarships for Indian students given by the Government of Scotland to students in the research, technology, healthcare, and medical science fields. The PhD scholarships are awarded to students who have the aim to become important leaders in their fields.

 Eligibility Criteria for Scotland’s Saltire Scholarships

Non-Government Scholarships for PhD in the UK

Apart from the funded PhD programs in the UK offered by the government, there are some private organizations and trusts that provide financial aid to students.

 Richard Stapley Educational Trust Scholarships

The Richard Stapley Educational Trust provides more than 300 scholarships in the UK to support the work of students in the field of research. Students belonging to the field of medical science, healthcare, etc. can apply for the scholarship. The scholarship supports tuition fees and other expenses of international students.

Eligibility Criteria for Richard Stapley Educational Trust Scholarships

Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

The Gates Cambridge Trust provides postgraduate scholarships for a fully funded PhD in UK for international students. The main aim of the program is to build a network of promising leaders around the world for the overall improvement of lives.

Eligibility Criteria for Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students

UK University Scholarships

Students who want to study PhD in UK universities with scholarships can seek support from the universities that they apply to. Several top universities in the UK offer the best scholarships for Indian as well as international students.

ORID Rhodes Scholarship

Awarded by the University of Oxford, the ORID Rhodes Scholarship aims to deliver outstanding support to students pursuing PhD in the UK.

Eligibility Criteria for ORID Rhodes Scholarship

Carnegie PhD Scholarships

The Carnegie Scholarships are the most prestigious option for students who are pursuing their research works in the UK. These grants are renewable for 3 years for the full-time PhD programs.

Eligibility Criteria for Carnegie Scholarships

Felix Scholarships at the University of Reading for Developing Countries

It is one of the most prestigious programs under the Felix Scholarships Scheme. These scholarships help support the students through their academic program by covering different expenses such as university fees, stipends, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Felix Scholarships

Scholarships for PhD students in the UK can help them cover at least a small amount of their expenses. With some financial support, students don’t have to worry about the costs and focus more on their research work.

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