Direct Ph.D. Program in a Prestigious Institute A Journey of Opportunities

About the Program

The Direct Ph.D. program is a prestigious opportunity offered by the UNSW Australia for students aspiring to pursue their Ph.D. directly after their bachelor’s degree. This program provides numerous advantages over the traditional route of pursuing a Master’s degree first. In India, the majority of candidates opt for an M.Tech instead of a Direct Ph.D., but in this blog, we will explore the benefits and the entire process of the Direct Ph.D. program.

Background and Educational Qualifications

My name is Kiran, and I am a computer engineer. I completed my Bachelor’s of Engineering with a specialization in Instrumentation and Control from LD College of Engineering, located in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. LD College of Engineering is one of the prominent engineering institutes in Gujarat and is known for its excellent faculty and government recognition. After completing my engineering, I secured a placement from the college itself.

Exploring Direct Ph.D.

After gaining work experience in the industry for one year, I joined a reputed company, Aarti Industries Limited. Working in the industry made me aware of the Direct Ph.D. and Ph.D. options available in foreign countries. I contacted professors from various universities in Australia and expressed my interest in research work. I received replies from three professors and they asked me to send my documents for verification. After verifying my documents, I was asked to have an interview where I discussed my research work and experience. Finally, I got the approval to apply for the scholarship.

Scholarship Opportunities

While pursuing my Master’s degree, I had the opportunity to apply for scholarships. In the Direct Ph.D. program, my tuition fees are covered, and I receive a stipend of approximately 37,000 Australian dollars per year till the completion of my Ph.D. This financial support, along with part-time opportunities, enables me to manage my living expenses comfortably. In comparison, pursuing a Master’s degree in Australia would have been more expensive.

Selection and University

I was selected for the UNSW Australia, which is one of the top universities in Australia and globally. It is ranked 24th in the U.S. ranking of top 100 universities and 88th worldwide. The campus life and research facilities provided by the university are commendable, especially in the field of engineering. The opportunity to work with professors directly is an added advantage.

Research Areas in Computer Engineering

As a computer engineer with a background in instrumentation and control, I am interested in cyber-physical systems and more in the data science field. The data science field offers opportunities for analytics of everything because data is everywhere. The Direct Ph.D. and the Ph.D. options provide a chance to work on cutting-edge research in these areas. The research opportunities in computer and electronics engineering are vast, and there is no doubt that good research is being conducted in Indian institutions as well.

Contacting Professors and Securing Admissions

Before applying for the Direct Ph.D. program, I shortlisted professors based on their research interests. I drafted a professional email and sent it to each professor, expressing my interest in their research. I received responses from most of them and made a few changes as suggested by the professors. I then contacted my professors through email and LinkedIn. After a few rounds of communication, I received a couple of leads. Finally, I applied and got accepted into the program.


The Direct Ph.D. program offers a unique opportunity for students to pursue their Ph.D. directly after their bachelor’s degree. With the financial support provided through scholarships and the chance to work under the guidance of renowned professors, this program is a great option for aspiring researchers. The journey may involve challenges, but with determination and the right qualifications, achieving a Ph.D. becomes a reality. If you are a computer engineer, there are numerous research areas waiting to be explored. So, start early, build your credentials, and work towards a rewarding future.

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