Achieving Success in Physics: Opportunities for PhD Abroad


In this blog post, we will be discussing the inspiring journey of AKSHITA, a physics student who recently got accepted into four foreign universities for a PhD program. Despite not having the strongest academic credentials, AKSHITA’s determination and extraordinary effort have paved the way for her success. This blog aims to shed light on the opportunities available for physics students abroad and the benefits of pursuing a PhD in foreign universities.

A Journey of Exploration and Hard Work

AKSHITA’s journey began in her hometown of Rajasthan, where she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Physics. She then pursued her Master’s degree at the Central University of Punjab, where she conducted extensive research in the field of 2D materials and nano composites. Despite facing challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, AKSHITA persevered and successfully completed her research project.

The Challenges of Pursuing a PhD in India

AKSHITA’s experience highlights the challenges that physics students in India face when pursuing a PhD. In India, obtaining a PhD often requires clearing exams such as NET or GATE, which focuses more on theoretical knowledge rather than research aptitude. This can be discouraging for students like AKSHITA, who excel in research but may not perform as well in exams. Furthermore, AKSHITA observed that Indian universities often prioritize exam scores over research experience and publications. This can be disheartening for aspiring researchers who have invested significant time and effort into conducting valuable research. As a result, many talented students like AKSHITA seek opportunities abroad, where the emphasis is placed on research experience and potential.

The Benefits of Pursuing a PhD Abroad

AKSHITA’s decision to pursue a PhD abroad was motivated by several factors. Firstly, she was inspired by her brother, who had also pursued a PhD overseas. Secondly, AKSHITA recognized that foreign universities offer better research infrastructure and facilities, providing students with more opportunities to engage in cutting-edge research. Moreover, AKSHITA emphasized the importance of international exposure, which is often limited in Indian universities. By studying abroad, students can broaden their horizons, collaborate with renowned professors, and gain valuable insights from diverse perspectives. Additionally, foreign universities offer better post-PhD opportunities, both in academia and industry. Graduates can find employment in prestigious companies or pursue postdoctoral positions to further enhance their expertise.

The Duration of PhD Programs Abroad

One notable advantage of pursuing a PhD abroad is the shorter duration of the program. While it may take up to seven years to complete a PhD in India, foreign universities typically offer programs that can be completed in five years. European universities, in particular, often have three-year PhD programs, allowing students to obtain their degree more efficiently.

Scholarships and Opportunities

AKSHITA’s achievements highlight the numerous opportunities available to PhD students abroad. She has received scholarships and research assistant positions that provide financial support throughout her studies. For example, her position as a teaching assistant at the University of South Florida offers a monthly stipend of $2,300. Additionally, her fellowship in Barcelona provides €8,000 per year, with an increase in subsequent years. Furthermore, AKSHITA highlighted the industry-oriented job opportunities available to PhD graduates abroad. Companies like Google actively seek out PhD holders, recognizing their advanced qualifications and research experience. This contrasts with the limited industry prospects for PhD graduates in India, where academic positions and government projects are the primary options.

Research Areas in Physics

For physics students interested in pursuing a PhD, AKSHITA suggested several promising research areas. Material physics, computational physics, astrophysics, and atomic/molecular physics were all mentioned as exciting fields of study. These areas offer ample research opportunities and allow students to delve into diverse branches of physics.

Overcoming Challenges and Pursuing Dreams

AKSHITA’s inspiring journey serves as a reminder that success is attainable through perseverance and hard work. Despite facing rejections and challenges, AKSHITA remained determined and continued to pursue her dream of conducting research abroad. Her story encourages students to remain resilient and motivated, reminding them that success can be achieved with dedication and a strong research aptitude.


AKSHITA’s journey exemplifies the opportunities available for physics students who aspire to pursue a PhD abroad. She overcame challenges, explored her research interests, and secured admissions in prestigious foreign universities. The benefits of pursuing a PhD abroad include access to state-of-the-art research facilities, international exposure, post-PhD job prospects, and shorter program durations. To all the students out there, AKSHITA’s story serves as a reminder to persevere, focus on research aptitude, and explore opportunities beyond borders. With determination and hard work, it is possible to make a mark in the field of physics and achieve your academic goals.

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