Universities in the USA Accepting 3-Year Bachelor’s Degree

Around 35% of the total international students were studying in the USA in 2023 and with a prediction of an increase of 2-3% in 2023, the US is awaiting a majority of Indian student’s applications. Indian students usually have a 3-year bachelor’s degree and cannot apply to US universities accepting 4-year bachelor’s for master’s admission. This article throws light on how to counter this problem of getting accepted to US universities with a 3-year bachelor’s degree for all international students who come from an educational system where a bachelor’s is 3 years only. The thumb rule is to have 4 years of bachelor’s for US university admission for a master’s, but in India, the 4-year bachelor’s is only for engineering students. To have an exception to this 4-year bachelor’s rule, there are a few US universities that accept 3-year bachelor’s for master’s admission.

There are many universities in the USA accepting 3-year Bachelor’s Degrees nowadays and nearly 21% of Indian students are already studying in the USA with 15 years of education (12 + 3). So, students aspiring to study in USA with 3 years of bachelor’s degrees like BSc, BCom, LLB, BBA, BBM, BMM, or BA, need not worry anymore about universities that require 16 years of education (12 + 4). The Chancellor of the University of Minnesota at Rochester, Ms Lori Carrell recently highlighted that “the four-year degree isn’t working for a lot of people.”

However, a common concern arises as most US universities typically require a 4-year bachelor’s degree or 16 years of education for admission to master’s programs, leaving students with 3-year bachelor’s degrees worried about their chances of acceptance. The good news is that there are numerous universities in the USA accepting 3-year bachelor’s degrees for master’s admission.

List of Universities in the USA Accepting 3 years Bachelors:

3-Year Bachelor’s Accepted at US Universities Key Takeaways

Though a limited number of US universities accept a three-year bachelor’s degree, not all accept 3-years bachelor’s directly. International students should also look into the terms and conditions that come along. Check out what not to miss if you are submitting a 3 years bachelor’s degree for US university admission for a master’s degree course:

Thus, each university has a specific rule that they follow in case of 3-year bachelor’s degree consideration for master’s courses admission. It is advised that internationals thoroughly check the requirements and then proceed with the admission application submission process.

Documents required by the US universities accepting 3 years bachelors for master’s programs:

What To Do if Preferred University Requires 16 Years of Education?

Some universities may require applicants to have completed 16 years of education before being eligible for master’s admission. Make sure to verify the specific educational requirements of your chosen university before applying. To meet the 4-year bachelor’s degree requirement of your preferred university, you can consider the following options:

WES may consider certain Indian 3-year undergraduate degrees to be equivalent to a 4-year degree in the United States, but only under specific conditions as mentioned below:

Remember to thoroughly research each option and consult with the university admissions office of your preferred university to ensure that your chosen way aligns with their specific admission criteria.


Universities in the USA Accepting 3-Year Bachelor’s Degrees is rising due to the increasing number of Indian students seeking education abroad. This trend extends beyond the engineering and technology fields. Certain programs that require 15 years of education evaluate candidates holistically. They consider academic records, professional experience, extracurriculars, and achievements in their assessments, showcasing a comprehensive selection approach.

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