Study in Singapore

Study in Singapore

Singapore is known for being a developed country with leaning skyscrapers and diverse communities despite its young status. As Southeast Asia’s most modern city for over a century, the island is also home to various cultures living within it. There is a very diverse way of life with people speaking many languages and practicing different cultures. Such a wide range of culture makes the country very accepting of others turning it into the perfect study destination for students from all parts of the world. Singapore was named as one of the world’s safest cities. This makes it a perfect place for students who are usually also curious wanderers in a foreign country.

Singapore is considered to have one of the best education systems in the world. Getting an education here is a ticket to a brighter future. By focusing on the importance of education innovation, Singapore is currently a rising star in international higher education. This gives you a chance to earn an internationally-recognized degree at affordable costs. Also, the facilities and educational environment, universities, and colleges in Singapore are among the best in the world.

Singapore is an emerging hub of higher education with its world-renowned quality universities and colleges which are well-presented in major university ranking systems. Not only are the universities here rank high due to their proven track record, but Singapore itself is on top of student satisfaction and global reputation.

With modern teaching tools, technology, and research facilities, Singapore’s universities deliver top-quality courses that nurture your creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Strong links between universities and neighboring industries also ensure relevant courses for you to gain valuable practical skills.

Singapore is an open and cosmopolitan city-state and island country that welcomes more than 86,000 international students from 120 nationalities every year. As a choice destination for advanced education, Singapore is unique in providing a safe and stimulating environment to develop the next generation of world leaders.

Types of Educational Institutions in Singapore

Public Universities: Funded by the government, and open to local and international students. Although receives government funding, these universities are autonomous – meaning they can strategies, innovate, and differentiate themselves, as they pursue excellence in education, research, and service.

Private Universities: Although privately funded, this institution receives government funding for students to pursue subsidized part-time or full-time degrees.

Polytechnic Institutions: Offers practice-oriented studies at the diploma level. Key providers of continuing education and post-employment professional development services.

Institute of Technical Education (ITE): The ITEs Offer technical-oriented studies and develop the technical knowledge and skills of the students. Students will have the option of choosing between full or part-time educational or traineeship courses.

Foreign Universities: Offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees offered by foreign universities with branch campuses in Singapore.

Arts Schools: Specialised schools that offer specialist creative education to enhance your artistic ability. Offer diploma as well as degree courses.

International students wanting to pursue higher education in Singapore should know that English is the medium of instruction used in this country despite having four official languages. Singapore universities have high entry standards especially when it comes to the English language. Universities will most likely not accept anyone without a good command of English. For international students whose mother tongue is not English, the universities will set their own required IELTS/TOEFL scores and students are expected to meet these requirements.

To study in Singapore, students will need a Student’s Pass. Some students will need a visa to enter the country along with a Student’s Pass. Once you are accepted into your university of choice, your student visa will be applied for by the university itself.


However, you must apply for a Student Pass to the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) through the Student’s Pass Online Application & Registration System (SOLAR), between one to two months before the start of your course. You would access SOLAR using details provided by your university after acceptance and submission.

One of the main concerns students will have on their mind when deciding to study abroad is the tuition fees and the expenditure they would have to bear over the cost of their studies. Plan your budget before deciding to study in Singapore. Tuition fees in Singapore are high. But that shouldn’t discourage you. As an international student, you can apply for government subsidies, which significantly reduce the costs of your education.

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