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New Zealand is emerging as one of the preferred destinations for higher studies. More than 1 lakh international students are in New Zealand and enrolled in various institutions. All 8 state-funded universities in New Zealand make it to the list of the best universities in the world.

Situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, New Zealand, the land of the Long White Cloud for the local Maori people, is an island country. It comprises the North and South Islands along with many smaller islands and breathtaking landmasses. The New Zealand culture is a diverse and unique blend of Maori and European traditions, with influences from Asia, Polynesia, and many other countries.

Here are some reasons why you should consider studying in New Zealand:

 Besides academia, there is always room for activities outside the classroom, given such a fabulous location. New Zealand’s North Island is well known for its island sanctuaries and active volcanoes — it has a line of mountain ranges running with farmland on both sides. You can enjoy picturesque fjords, spectacular glaciers, rugged mountains, rolling hillsides, vast plains, subtropical forest and miles of coastline with beautiful sandy beaches.

The education system in New Zealand

Institutions in New Zealand generally have an academic year with 2 or 3 semesters. They offer mainly two academic intakes: in January and in July. Some institutions offer multiple intakes to their students in September and November. There are 600 private universities and 8 state-funded universities in New Zealand.

Students can choose between diploma, degree, vocational, and polytechnic courses. Some of the popular undergraduate courses amongst international students from India, studying in New Zealand are Nursing, Commerce, Accounting, Computer Science, Health Sciences, Applied Management, and Information Technology.

Some of the popular postgraduate courses are Construction Management, Information Technology, Business and Management, Applied Management and Data Science.

Life as a student in New Zealand

The strength of the class is smaller, so students receive more personalized attention. The government follows a ‘Code of Practice’ which establishes the minimum standards of care that an international student can expect. This support system extends beyond the classrooms.

Renting a house or staying in a hall of residence are some of the options available for international students for accommodation. The parts of the cities are often well connected, and you could use buses to commute or rely on bikes. If your visa allows you to work, you can also work part-time to make some extra money while you study in New Zealand. As a student in New Zealand, you will get to experience their vibrant culture while having access to a world-class education.

How to study in New Zealand

Start by sifting through the top institutions in New Zealand. Choose your preferred course and university. Read through the application requirements and work on clearing any exams mandated by the institution. Get your application ready.

You should also make plans for funding at this time. Apply for scholarships if you intend to.

Once you are accepted by an institution, the next step would be to apply for a student visa. Fee-Paying Student Visa is the most common one which allows you to study in New Zealand for up to 4 years and you could work while you study.

Cost of studying in New Zealand

The tuition costs could be quite high at times, for international students. An exception is if an international student is enrolled in a PhD program in a recognized institution in New Zealand, then he/she pays the domestic tuition fees.

An undergraduate programme can cost around 6 lakhs and a postgraduate programme can cost around 7 lakhs per year. The cost of living ranges from 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs per year. The student health cover is a must and it may cost you more if not taken from a recognised provider. Students are allowed to work part-time for 20 hours per week on study visas and fulltime during vacations. Every student who earns through their part-time or full-time work is liable to pay tax.

Scholarships for international students

The eligibility criteria for the scholarships might differ, but the most important criterion is to have a good academic score. Most scholarships will cover part of your tuition fees.

The following scholarships are available for Indian students planning to study in New Zealand:

Some of the university scholarships are:

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