STEM Courses in USA: Scope, Eligibility, Universities for International Students

Scope, Eligibility, Universities for International Students

STEM Courses in the USA are academic programs and disciplines in the domains of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. These courses are meant to provide students with a solid foundation in these essential areas while also encouraging innovation, problem-solving skills, and analytical thinking. STEM courses in the USA for commerce students are highly appreciated since they contribute to technical progress and economic prosperity.


What are STEM Courses?

STEM Courses refer to degree programs that fall under Science, Technology, Engineering & Management.  Various universities across the globe have started incorporating STEM courses in their curriculum to attract international students. Professions relating to STEM courses are considered to be one of the most lucrative & popular. STEM courses provide a platform for students to explore their interests & potential in the area of Science & Technology.


Why Study STEM Courses in the USA?

Silicon Valley Effect: One of the greatest reasons for the obsession with courses in the USA is California – the Silicon Valley of the USA. STEM universities in the USA have uninterrupted

Eligibility for STEM Masters courses in the USA

Admission process for STEM Courses in the USA

Documents Required for STEM Courses in the USA

STEM Courses in the USA – Cost of Studying

The cost of pursuing STEM Courses in the USA varies from 30,000 to 60,000 USD (INR 25 lakhs – 50 lakhs). A limited number of scholarships are also available for financially constrained students.  Following are the Average Tuition fees for some of the Top STEM Courses in USA


STEM Courses Top University Average Tuition Fees
Aeronautical Engineering California Institute of Technology 59,000 USD (approx.)
Biochemistry University of California, Berkeley 39,000 USD (approx.)
Chemical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 56,000 USD (approx.)
Agricultural Engineering Purdue University 30,000 USD (approx.)
Computer and Information Science Carnegie Mellon University 59,000 USD (approx.)
Mechanical Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology 56,000 USD (approx.)
Zoology University of California, Berkeley 44,000 USD (approx.)
Statistics Stanford University 54,000 USD (approx.)
Pharmacy University of North Carolina 36,000 USD (approx.)
Mathematics Princeton University 53,000 USD (approx.)
Physics Massachusetts Institute of Technology 56,000 USD (approx.)
Genetics Harvard University 52,000 USD (approx.)

STEM Courses for International Students in the USA – Job Prospects

STEM Courses in the USA provide a wide range of job prospects to international students after graduation. Many top STEM courses attract a lot of jobs and are chased by top MNCs. Let’s see the Average salaries for some of the STEM Courses in the USA for International Students:

STEM Profession Average Salary in USD (approx.)
Biochemist 1,90,000
Mathematician 152,000
Physics 205,000
Computer Scientist 1,60,000
Zoologist 68,000
Mechanical Engineer 94,000
Chemical Engineer 99,000
Statistician 134,000
Geologist 174,000
Civil Engineer 87,000
Astronomer 2,20,000
Nutritional Scientist 61,000

Best STEM Courses in the USA for International Students

There is a total of more than 300 STEM courses in the USA. While it is not possible to cover each one of them, let’s see the list of some of the Best STEM Courses in the USA for International Students:

Top STEM Colleges & Universities to Study in USA

The USA is the most popular study destination for international students. From universities offering STEM studies to schools with world-class faculties and Ivy League status. In the USA, there are more than 300 courses available in the STEM sector. The top ten institutions in the USA offering STEM programs are listed below:


STEM graduates enjoy better salaries and are more marketable than non-STEM graduates. A STEM degree opens a wide range of opportunities for students after completing their graduation. STEM courses for Indian and international students in the USA are lucrative degrees to acquire for a bright career.

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