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Today, we have the pleasure of interviewing Amisha, who has received offers from seven universities in the United States and Canada. She has been accepted into both master’s and direct PhD programs. In this interview, we will learn about her application process and gain insights that can be helpful to other students aspiring to study abroad.

About Amisha

Amisha is currently pursuing her B.Tech and has an impressive academic record with a CPI of 8.59. She also appeared for the GATE exam during her third year of college. Her interest in studying abroad led her to take the GRE exam in August. Let’s dive deeper into her journey.

The Application Process

Amisha shares that the deadlines for applying to PhD and MS programs in the US are typically around six months before the start of the program. For fall admissions, it is advisable to start the application process in November. Early communication with the university and professors is crucial for a smooth application experience.

Test Scores and Proficiency

Amisha scored an impressive 321 on the GRE and achieved a 7.5 in the IELTS exam. Although she believes that GRE scores do not play a significant role in securing a direct PhD position, it is important to note that universities also consider factors such as publications and relevant research areas of interest.

Accepted Universities and Programs

Amisha has received acceptance letters from prestigious universities such as Purdue University, Virginia Tech, Arizona State University, University of South Florida, and University of Illinois Chicago. She has chosen to join UT Dallas for her fully funded PhD program. As part of her research assistant position, she will receive a monthly stipend of approximately $2,000.

Making a Difference

Amisha’s success in securing a direct PhD position right after her B.Tech can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, having a strong academic record with a CPI of 8.59 gave her an edge over other candidates. Additionally, she believes that reaching out to professors and maintaining a proactive approach in networking played a significant role. Finally, publishing research papers and review articles helped in building a strong profile.

Choosing the United States

When asked why she chose the US over Europe or staying in India, Amisha highlighted the better job opportunities and work permits available in the US. While Europe offers shorter PhD programs, many students return to India after completing their degree and take up teaching positions. Amisha believes that the US provides more opportunities for growth and career advancement.

MS vs. PhD

Amisha opted for a direct PhD program instead of pursuing an MS degree because she wanted to keep her options open for a career in teaching. By pursuing a PhD, she can decide over time whether she wants to work in academia or pursue a job in the industry. Although she received offers for MS programs, the competition in the field of computer science made her choose the direct PhD route.

The Interview Process

During the interview process, Amisha was questioned about her knowledge of hardware basics and her proficiency in machine learning. These questions were posed by a committee comprising students from the lab where she will be working. The interview focused on assessing her coding skills and familiarity with relevant courses in electronics and VLSI design.


With seven acceptance letters in hand, Amisha is embarking on an exciting journey to pursue her PhD in the US. Her success can be attributed to her outstanding academic record, proactive networking, and research publications. We congratulate her on her achievements and wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

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