Students planning to study in foreign countries must have an excellent CV (curriculum vitae). A CV is a summary of academic & professional qualifications, skills, contributions, and achievements. This document is particularly important for an applicant because it casts the first impression on the admission committee. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while preparing your CV. Mention the significant points about yourself and your achievements carefully while writing the CV. As you start working on it, you can consider the following CV writing tips for studying abroad.

 Tips To Write A Winning CV For Study Abroad Applications

 Personal Details: One of the most important things to include in the CV for a study abroad application is personal details. It includes information like current address, PIN code, email address, mobile phone number, etc. These should be easily readable and mentioned at the top of the page.

Education Details: The details of your education showcase your interest in the primary subjects and also highlight your inclination towards studies. Therefore, you must discuss your qualifications, the name of your academic institution, specialization, and year of passing.

Work Experience: You must mention any relevant experience on the CV. You can mention the name of the employer and discuss your profile at length. You must mention your job duration, responsibilities, and your accomplishments in the organization. Mention this information in bullet points with at least a couple of sentences for each point.

Projects and Publications: It can include all the additional work other than your education or job profile. You can mention relevant activities like project work published papers, or participation in any club/committee.

Recognition: Bragging in the CV is not a bad idea. You must mention awards, recognitions, and certifications. You can also discuss the workshops that you have attended.

Skills: You can divide your skills into two categories – hard and soft. Hard skills include acquired knowledge such as Google Analytics, HTML, and even Excel. Soft skills reveal your strengths like communication and leadership skills.

Community Service: It is not mandatory. However, if you have participated in community service which may include women empowerment, child education, or even environmental protection, you must create some space in your CV to include these.

Hobbies and Interests: Your hobbies and interests do not necessarily have to align with the subject of study. So, do not shy away and mention them too.

you must be very careful while mentioning the information in your CV. Here are some of the common mistakes that you must avoid in your CV.

The formatting and presentation of your academic CV have to be attractive and easy to read

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