How to Pick your Masters Program in Europe Based on Credits

Confused about what master’s program to apply in Europe? Mater’s with 60 credits or 120 credits? Below, we have summarised all the vital information that you need to know, before you make this decision.

There are many different types of Master’s Degree programs in Europe and even though they can all look very similar from the outside, each one has a slightly different approach or format. The most basic difference is the one-year and the two-year post-graduation, based on the European credit transcript system.

The 60-credit courses have two semesters worth 30 credits each and last for 1 year. One semester here will be dedicated to coursework while the other to your thesis. These courses are much cheaper and allow chance for students to enter the country without many glitches. These courses are perfect for students who want to enter Europe and immediately start working towards their dream career as a professional or enter into further training at the university level (which gives you the opportunity to continue studying but also find a job).

The other popular option is two-year courses, which contain 120 credits in total. The program is divided into 4 semesters, with 30 credits each. In this program, ample importance is given to your thesis. It also grants you more flexibility regarding starting your studies and studying alongside jobs but with less vacation time; this might suit students who have worked hard during their exams but want some time off before moving on to a postgraduate study or learning more technical skills such as programming languages etc.

Usually, students prefer the one-year course, because they get a chance to live in the country and also do their master’s in a short period of time, after which they can immediately start working.

-Lavanya Gupta (YP Mentor)

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