Top Universitiesto Study in Australia

University of Waikato

Hamilton, New Zealand


Minimum IELTS Required



Auckland University of Technology

Auckland, New Zealand


Minimum IELTS Required



Victoria University of Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand


Minimum IELTS Required



Massey University

Palmerston, New Zealand


Minimum IELTS Required



University of Canterbury

Christchruch, New Zealand


Minimum IELTS Required



Admission Requirements for Australia Study Abroad

Here are the major requirements to study in Australia which you need to ensure while applying to a Australia university:

  • Copy of a valid passport
  • Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE test scores)
  • Higher secondary score for UG Program, GRE/GMAT for PG programs
  • Academic Transcripts from the previous study
  • Minimum academic record of 65% and above in Class XII will be required
  • Academic Reference Letters, the number of reference letters depends from university to university
  • Letters of recommendation from the employer/manager (if applicable)
  • CV/Resume
  • Essays (if demanded by the university)
  • Portfolio (for specific courses)
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Certificates of extracurricular activities
  • Evidence of funds
  • Medical insurance

Scholarships to Study in New Zealand

The New Zealand government, universities and private organisations offer various scholarships to support the education of international students. Here is a list of the most popular scholarships to study in New Zealand:

  • UC International First-Year Scholarships
  • Climate Change Science and Policy (MCCSP) at Victoria University Wellington
  • ADB Scholarships at University of Auckland
  • Public Health (MPH) at the University of Auckland
  • University of Otago International Research Masters Scholarships
  • Victoria Masters Scholarships
  • International Rural Development (MRD) at Lincoln University
  • University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarships
  • Disaster Risk and Resilience (MDRR) at the University of Canterbury
  • Bayer Boost Environmental Scholarship Scheme
  • The University of Canterbury’s College of Engineering Scholarship
  • Lincoln University Academic Scholarships
  • A C Rayner Memorial Scholarship
  • The Eamon Molloy Memorial Scholarship

Post Admission Experience

Fee Paying Student

Type - Study
If you’re from overseas, you can apply for a visa to study full-time in New Zealand. You’ll need to pay the full cost of your courses and enroll with an approved education provider. While you are there, you can enjoy New Zealand’s high-quality teaching standards and gain internationally recognised qualifications.

Exchange Student

Type - Study
This visa is for the students who are part of an approved student exchange scheme and you want to study full-time in New Zealand for more than 3 months.

Post-study Work

Type - Work
This visa is for you, if you have completed an acceptable qualification in New Zealand, and you would like to get a job here too. You must have completed an acceptable qualification. You must apply no later than 3 months after the end of your student visa (or 6 months, if you were studying for a doctorate). You must have at NZ $4,200 to live on while you’re in New Zealand.

Skilled Migrant Category Resident

Type - Work
This visa is for you if you want to live in New Zealand permanently and you have skills that can contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth. Your application is more likely to be accepted if you have employment in an area in which New Zealand has a skills shortage.

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