Study in Norway

Norway has gained an extraordinary rank in almost all human indices. A better work-life balance and human values make it the most desirable country to live in the 21st century. Studying in Norway makes you eligible to work and study further in Scandinavia. Academics are comparatively easier and application-based rather than theory-based. You will develop critical thinking and a thought process to bring technology from the lab to the real world. IT industry is highly blooming in Norway. With high-quality education, students are trained to work as professional engineers, go for PhD after MS, and many more. Some top universities famous for their niche domain are:

1.NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology)
2.UiO (University of Oslo)
3.UiS (University of Stavangar)
4.UiT (Arctic University of Trmso)
5.NMBU (Norwegian university of Life Science)
6.HiOF (Ostfold University College)

MS in Norway: Eligibility criteria for MS are not as rigid as in other countries. You just have to pass an English test and have an excellent academic background in your bachelor. Moreover, MS in Norway is based on a thesis, that can be extended up to 1 year. Universities like HiOF allow teaching assistantship while you pursue your master’s. You are permitted to work 20 hours part-time as skilled or non-skilled. First-year is rigorous coursework and in the second year, you are permitted to collab with industry for your thesis or maybe with your professor. Norway offers a single intake that is in the Autumn semester for non-EU students. You must apply before 1st December to be safe side on deadlines. There is no tuition fee to study in any master’s program.

PhD in Norway: PhD program is strictly 3 years if you have completed a 2-year master’s course. An excellent CGPA is required to pursue PhD in Norway. Positions are opened based on conversation and interaction with professors. In addition, there are rolling advertisements on university webpage and job portals of Norway as PhD is considered a payable job in Norway. There is no direct PhD program right after the bachelors in Norway. You must defend a masters thesis dissertation before applying for a PhD. All positions are university funded. There is an exception where you can ask for one more year to defend your PhD if your thesis has collaborated with the industry. You can work full-time as a research scientist in companies, as a professor in public universities, or postdoc fellow after PhD.
Study in Norway

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