Email to professors

Contacting the professors through email is crucial to your application procedure.

It has more importance for the PhD and Post-doctorate students than the master’s students. Email should be very professional and contains all the important information about your technical background. Generally, it contains your introduction, your projects, and your technical skills which make you the best fit for the currently available position. Some important points regarding the email to professors are:
⦿ It increases the selection probability of the PhD candidates
⦿ It does not directly help the masters’ students, but it will help to secure funded master’s positions esp. for MASc (Master’s by Research program in Canada)
⦿ To get a master’s by research position in Canada and Australia, Students should email to their potential supervisor/professors as it is one of the admissions criteria.
⦿ Students should send these emails once before the deadline and once after the deadline.
⦿ It will save a lot of money as students can apply only to those universities from where they are getting positive replies from the professors
⦿ Students must attach their CV while sending these emails to a professor
⦿ Yourpedia helps students to write a professional email which maximizes the chances of their selection for Post Doc, PhD and funded masters’ positions

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