Diversity Essay

The purpose of a diversity essay is to reveal what makes you different from other applicants, including what unique challenges or barriers you've faced and how you've contributed to or learned from a specific community of people. The diversity essay is used to promote diversity in the student body. As a result, the parameters of this essay are typically quite broad. Applicants may write about below-mentioned points:
⦿ Educational, personal, cultural, economic, or social experiences, that have shaped your academic journey.
⦿ How do these experiences provide unique perspectives that help you to contribute more to the university?
⦿ Challenges or barriers that you have faced in your pursuit of higher education and your motivation to persist and overcome them
⦿ Your participation in activities that focused on the upliftment of historically underrepresented groups in higher education
⦿ How do you contribute to diversity after you get the concerned degree?

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