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An academic cover letter is a written document

An academic cover letter is a written document that complements your curriculum vitae and application form if you are applying for a PhD in Europe, the United Kingdom, and Australia. The cover letter is a counterpart to your CV. It is entirely different from a CV as in a cover letter, a candidate should write about what they can offer and why they should be selected. Usually in Cover Letter, A candidate must showcase:
1) Research & Skills relevancy
2) Previous academic and employment experiences
3) Enthusiasm/ Competency for the project

Therefore, An Academic cover letter should be tailored for a specific position according to the project description of the PhD position.
An academic cover letter is an application requirement for the PhD position in Europe, the United Kingdom and Australia. You must indicate that you possess the skills required for research. It is critical that you recognize these abilities in yourself and make use of them to advance your career. The length of an academic cover letter should be between one page to one and half a page. A candidate should discuss only relevant points related to previous academic and research relevancy.

Points to include in an academic cover letter:
⦿ Contact Details: Students should write their Name, E-mail, and Phone Number so that the recruitment team can contact you in case they have any questions.
⦿ Introduction: An introduction should be brief and concise. The following questions should be answered:
a) Who you are?
b) What have you done?
c) Why are you writing this letter?
d) What are you doing right now?
⦿ Body: The body of an academic cover letter is important as in body, Students usually write about their previous academic and research experiences. A student can draft a body keeping these points in mind:
a) Skills & Achievements
b) Convincing Arguments
c) Present your ideas
⦿ Conclusion: Students should conclude their cover letter with conclusive statements in a convincing manner.

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