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Academics are generally misunderstood as teaching; however, it is much more than teaching. An educational organization grows by the research it delivers to the world.

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A postdoc is a next step on the academic career path after earning a PhD degree, and a post-doctoral candidate is often termed an early career researcher. A Postdoc reflects a researcher’s capabilities to develop as an independent researcher and avail the skills one requires as an academic. Typically, a postdoc works on projects that are international project grants, which are fundings mostly won by universities/a consortium of universities/ individual laboratories/ or even individual researchers. Some post doc positions are also required at government-funded national laboratories such as the National Renewable Energy Laboratory run by the US Department of Energy. A postdoc is a contractual position (generally for 1-3 yrs.) that offers a platform for researchers to explore new careers such as in industry or to continue to excel in academics.
A postdoc is primarily a researcher who works under the supervision of a mentor, who may be an academician at the university or the head of a laboratory/ research center. Sometimes their research topic is a pre-specified project and sometimes they write their own research proposal to avail internationally recognized postdoc positions such as Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions. At the same time, a postdoc is meant to prepare young researchers to become principal investigators or junior faculty members, so they also take on senior responsibilities like teaching, writing proposals for a grant, and mentoring.

There is no set duration or the number of post-doc positions a researcher must have to develop as an academician, however, it depends upon self-goals. The duration for a specific position depends upon two factors; (i) the duration of the project grant for which the academician has hired you, or (ii) the duration which the academician intends to offer you based on the recurring projects grants. Generally, this depends on several factors such as the university, country of research, PI, or type of funding. Most positions are 1-3 years long contracts, and some can be extended. It is common to do more than one postdoc before applying for faculty positions. Some countries have preferences on the total number of years a person can work as a postdoc.

Postdoc positions can be funded in several ways. Some postdocs are salaried employees of a university, institution, or company. Other times they are paid a stipend from a grant, fellowship, or scholarship.

Procedure to apply for a Postdoc ​​​​​​position
Most universities throughout the world will require the following things for the Postdoc:
Online Application – This is an electronic application form with all of your details and supporting documents. After providing all the details one needs to pay the application fees if required.
Transcripts – Most universities need a scanned copy of your transcripts when applying. It is a document that has your marks for all the semester on one sheet.
Academic CV – This is a very important document for your admission. CV can be 2-3 pages long and contains all the information about your educational background
Personal Statement/ Research Statement/ Teaching Statement (for post docs with teaching roles included) – Again a very important document that outlines all your skills as a researcher and your motivation to pursue Post doc studies.
Cover Letter – Generally it is a mandatory document that outlines your technical skills and answers the question of why you are the best fit for a particular position.
Letters of Recommendation – this should preferably be provided by your professor who teaches you, supervise you, and knows you well. It can be any other person from your job or internship under who you did some technical work.
Required exams
Generally, no proficiency exam is required for the Postdoc position

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