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Are you aiming to pursue your master’s from abroad? This must be a big decision for you. Right after your bachelor’s some students decide to further their education with a master’s and some opt for jobs. Eventually, most of the students decide to go for the master’s degree from a graduate school at some point of their lives. However, before deciding to pursue your master’s, it is essential to figure out the pros and cons of studying abroad.
The pros :

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1) Studying at Top Universities: The first major step for master’s abroad is to aim for higher ranked university. If you get a prestigious university, you will have an access to a world class educational environment with an incredible set of resources and facilities at your disposal. You can build skillsets which will provide you an edge to develop your profile professionally and personally. This will add to your brand value. After your master’s, you can work for a reputed organization or you can opt for a PhD in even more prominent universities.

2) Employment: The majority of firms now aim for global markets and seek to recruit the best people available anywhere in the globe. Hence, you're competing against everyone, not just your Indian college classmates or the best students from IITs and NITs. A foreign degree assists you to adapt to different settings by allowing you to work with people from diverse cultures. It forces you to leave your comfort zone and deal with uncertainty. These leadership qualities can help you stand out in a crowded job market and discover work that works for you.

3) High-Quality Networking: Consider a classroom full of kids from dozens of countries, each with their own set of academic and extracurricular interests. Throughout your degree programme, you form lifetime bonds with them. This is the most valuable benefit of a foreign degree. You may not realize its full potential at this point in your life, but bear in mind that in order to establish a successful job, you'll need others to open doors for you, advise you, and support you. Such people are rare to find, and a disproportionately large number of them will be your former college pals.

YourPedia has an incredible history of assisting numerous students to fulfill their dreams of studying in abroad. Our expert mentors assist you in every step of your application. Many students in India from IITs, NITs and other universities in India, have taken our unique expertise to get acceptance for master’s by research and master’s by coursework in prestigious QS ranked universities in USA, Canada, UK, Singapore, Europe and Australia such as

1) Nanyang Technical University, Singapore
2) University of California, USA
3) Purdue University, USA
4) University of Manchester, UK
5) TU Delft, Netherlands
6) TU Munich, Germany
7) University of Queensland, Australia
8) University of British Columbia, Canada

YourPedia provides classes to prepare you for profile building exams like Graduate Record Examinations (GRE), International English Language Testing System (IELTS), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFFL) which ultimately adds to your profile and build your entire application package with services related to Resume/CV building, Statement of Purpose (SOP) and Letter of Recommendation (LOR).
YourPedia and its mentor believes that your overall profile matters rather than your CGPA to study in abroad. We invite you to our free guidance session with one of our mentors.

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